Thomas Wilson 1835 to 1901 married to Hannah Douglass

Thomas Wilson was born to Elizabeth and Job Wilson at Kurrajong on July 10, 1835. He married Hannah Douglass on December 17,1857 at Richmond. Thomas died in January 1901 and is buried at St Stephens Church Kurrajong. His daughters placed a memorial for him in the 1901 Windsor and Richmond Gazette (here). Probate for his estate is advertised here.

Hannah died in Kurrajong on December 8, 1928 (her newspaper obituary can be read here.

Thomas and Hannah had five children.

1. Sarah Matilda 1859 to 1940 (married to her cousin Job Wilson in 1877 at Kurrajong)

2. Thomas John 1860 to 1862 (died as a child)

3. Elizabeth Ann 1863 to ?? (married Frederick Charles Stratford in 1885 at Richmond)

4. Edward Thomas 1865 to 1932 (married to Emily Jane Hurst) They had seven children. You can read an article about Edward here.

5. Job Wisbey 1867 to 1935 (married to Alice Jane Hennessey in 1896). They had six children. You can read Job's obituary here.

Thomas Wilson, Hannah Wilson (nee Douglass) St Stephens Church, Kurrajong