Jane Wilson 1838 to 1892 married to Daniel Neal

Jane Wilson was born to Elizabeth and Job Wilson at Kurrajong in 1838. She married Daniel Neal on June 18, 1856 at Richmond. Jane died in Ourimbah on the Central Coast on October 20, 1892.  I am not sure when Jane, Daniel and their family moved to the Central Coast. The earliest mention I have found is from their daughter's marriage date of 1884.

Daniel died in 1896 following a fight in Ourimbah. Newspaper articles about this event can be read here and here. It appears that the person who hit Daniel, was James Moran, who was the father of Daniel's daughter in law Elizabeth Moran. More details about the inquest can be read here. Further newspaper articles about the court case can be found here.

Jane and Daniel had 7 children. Unfortunately, only two children lived to adulthood.

1. Ellen 1857 to 1859 (died as a child) buried at Richmond

2. Edward 1860 to 1860 (died as a child) buried at Richmond

3. Daniel 1861 to 1865 (died as a child) buried at Richmond

4. Edward 1861 to 1865 (died as a child) Please note. These dates indicate that Daniel & Edward were twins and that they died of disease such as typhoid etc.

5. Dora/Adora 1867 to 1897 (married Alfred Duncan in 1884. Brisbane Water parish)

6. Henry 1870 to 1957 (married Elizabeth Moran in 1894)

7. Lavinia 1873 to 1873 (died as a child)