I've been working on this project since 2013, although my interest in local history and my family tree began in the 1980s. One of the key features of this website is to remember the names of those who descend from Hawkesbury convict and free settler families, but also to recall their stories through newspaper articles and family stories.

This website also aims to discuss their relationships with the local landscape, the ways in which villages and towns have been created. It is a work in progress! Below is an excerpt from my postgraduate thesis on institutional landscapes. I have included it to spark some questions about history and the way it is interwoven with our social and physical environments.

What do we gain by studying history? Firstly we gain a sense of identity, an understanding of how past events have impacted where we are today. Then we come to the realisation that there is no correct interpretation of the past as all of our experiences of it are different. At some stage we may make the connection between societies and landscape and how this shapes history.

Anthropologist Julian Steward asserts that society is conditioned by the surrounding natural environment. From this cultural ecology perspective, proponents argue that there is a constant and dynamic relationship between human society and its environment. Its advocates look to the environment for explanations of human behaviour: ‘Nature is mutually reflexive in its own rapport to human beings. It serves to shape a human consciousness about emplacement, about the workings of the human body and provides a reflection against what human imagery of the self, at individual and social levels, can be mapped and experience.’ (Lovell 1998: 9). 
Hood (1996:1) suggests that landscapes are cultural because they physically embody the history, structure and contexts of human behaviour in such a way that they are not easily separated from each other. ‘Any understandings of the physical landscape, therefore, cannot be separated from the culture of the people who utilise it.’ 

According to Atkins (1997) landscape is a term that can be expressed in a variety of ways such as scenery, terrain, nature, topography, place, location, artefact, space and habitat. This is reiterated by Bender (1993) who says that landscapes have to be contextualised, that the way in which people understand and engage in their worlds will depend upon the specific time and place in which they live. Bescherer (1990) also suggests a cultural ecology outlook, by saying that we cannot understand the concept of landscape unless we look closer at the broader relationships and associations within it.

Landscapes are not just the earth we stand on or the vistas before us. Landscapes can be cultural, they can be manipulated to enforce gender roles, they can be formal or unplanned, they be a refuge and they can marginalise. They can be carceral and institutional, they can reproduce social identities and be manifestations of changing social relations: ‘It is also possible to argue that landscapes are not just passive objects that lie silently waiting for successive human imprints. In a sense, they are active participants in channelling socio-economic evolution because they set the physical and psychological constraints within which people must act.’ (Atkins 1999: 224)

Landscapes are dynamic, ever changing to fit the social framework in which we place them.  I am interested in institutional landscapes and how social “difference” can be understood in terms of spatial separation. In many ways I take a Marxist approach and see that land use and landscapes are products of social forces:
Other landscapes or indeed familiar landscapes are in a sense created out of the prejudices, preconceptions and simplifications that we carry in our heads. In turn these representations may be naturalised by society and accepted without question. They then become the basis on which subsequent generations forge their identities.’ (Atkins 1999: 222)

I update this site as much as I can. I have not yet covered every family. If you find an error in your family's name, date etc I am happy to correct. 
Tracey Hawkins. 2022

START HERE: Elizabeth Wilson, Mary Turner and Charlotte Barwick - daughters of John Rogers & Elizabeth Celey

One of the largest families in the Hawkesbury district of New South Wales began with convict John Rogers marrying Elizabeth Celey on October 29, 1798 at Parramatta. Their three daughters, Elizabeth Ann (1800 to 1878), Mary (1803 to 1860) and Charlotte (1806 to 1893) all married men who were granted land in the Hawkesbury region of NSW. Their son John died as an infant.

Elizabeth married Job Wilson on November 19 in 1813 in Parramatta. Mary partnered with George Turner (although no marriage date has been found). Charlotte married John Barwick (aka Berwick) on June 5 1848 in Kurrajong.

Here's a bit of background on John and Elizabeth Rogers to kickstart the family tree in Australia.

Before being convicted of robbery, John had fought in the American War of Independence where he lost a hand in battle. After returning to England he was said to have stolen some personal items of a traveler, John Fitzpatrick. Apprehended months later, John Rogers was given a life sentence and put on the prison hulk ship ''Censor'' for three years. He was transported to Sydney on the Second Fleet ship ''The Neptune''.

John was granted 30 acres of land around Toongabbie in 1796. He had four acres of wheat and a few animals. John died on the farm in February 1806 and is buried in Parramatta. A reference to a John Rogers can be read here 

His wife Elizabeth Celey was born around 1776. She was convicted of stealing clothes and was sentenced to seven years in prison. Elizabeth was transported to Australia on the "Britannia" in 1798. After John died, she sold the farm for five pounds to William Wentworth. She married Robert Richardson in 1811 and had four more children. Catherine married Benjamin Hanslow, Eliza, Peter who married Elvira Tree and Harriet.

Elizabeth and Robert moved to Double Bay, however all of the Rogers girls moved to the Hawkesbury region of NSW.

1. Elizabeth Ann Rogers (1800 b. Parramatta  to 1878 d. Kurrajong)

Elizabeth married Job Wilson on November 19 in 1813 at Parramatta. Job was granted 50 acres at Kurrajong NSW (present day Hermitage Road) in 1821. He called his property Rocklands.  Job was born in 1788 in Cambridgeshire. He was convicted of stealing in 1811 and was given a life sentence. 

Job was transported on "The Guildford" and arrived in Sydney in 1812. He worked in a timber yard in Parramatta and was granted a conditional pardon. Job died on August 14, 1867 and is buried in St Peters Richmond. Elizabeth died in Kurrajong on July 8 1878 (she was living with her son Thomas Wilson at Rocklands) aged 82. She is buried at St Peters with Job.

Elizabeth and Job had 14 children.

A. Edward born and died 1816
B. Edward 1816 to 1902 (married Ann Sherwood, died 1839) & (married Susannah Riley in 1847)
C. Simeon 1818 to 1902 (married Elizabeth Horan in 1842 at Pitt Town)
D. Elizabeth 1819 to 1898 (married George Davis in 1838 at Portland Head)
E. Job 1821 to 1873 (married Mary Green, nee Sherwood) and (married Sarah Douglass)
F. Susannah born and died 1825
G. Timothy 1826 to 1897 (married Elizabeth Riley in 1848 at Richmond)
H. Phoebe 1829 to 1843 single
I. John 1831 to 1916 (married Catherine Barwick in 1870 at Richmond)
J. Susan 1833 to 1888 (married Joseph Hawkins in 1857 at Richmond)
K. Thomas 1835 to 1901 (married Hannah Douglass 1857 at Richmond)
L. Jane 1838 to 1892 (married Daniel Neal 1856 at Richmond)
M. Jessie 1840 to 1905 (married Henry Silk 1858 at Richmond) and (married Charles Reynolds)
N. Matilda 1842 to 1883 (married Thomas Silk 1862 at Richmond.

2. Mary Rogers (1803 b. Parramatta to 1860 d. North Richmond)

Mary partnered with George Turner sometime around 1818. George Turner, born around 1790 in Kent, was given a life sentence for stealing in 1812 and was transported on the "Earl Spencer" in 1813. He was assigned to Dennis Duggan near Ryde. He remained as a convict for Duggan until Duggan's death in 1818. He was then assigned to Richard Rouse at Rouse Hill. George was granted a ticket of leave in 1818. Sometime after this, George met Mary Rogers and they moved to the Hawkesbury.

George was listed as a farmer in North Richmond in the 1828 census. He rented land from Thomas John. George died in North Richmond in 1872 and is buried at St Peters Richmond. Mary died in 1860 at Kurrajong and is also buried at St Peters.

Mary and George had 7 children.

A. Mary 1820 to 1901 (married George Overton in 1836 at Richmond)
B. William 1822 to 1852
C. Thomas 1824 to 1878 (married Elizabeth Bayliss in 1845 at Richmond) & (married Mary Ann Cooper in 1862 at Rylstone)
D. Ann 1827 to 1840s (married Squire Brooks in 1844 at Richmond)
E. George 1830 to 1906 (married Sarah Mitchell in 1854 in Kurrajong)
F. Elizabeth 1834 to 1878 (married to Michael Tierney in 1851 at Richmond)
G. John 1836 to 1882 (married Ann McCarthy/McCartney in 1862)

3. Charlotte Rogers (1806 b. Parramatta to 1893 died Kurrajong)

Charlotte married John Barwick aka Berwick on June 5 1848 at Kurrajong. John Barwick was born in 1792 and was tried for house breaking in 1808. He was transported to Sydney in 1810 on the "Ann II."

In the 1814 muster, John is listed as being part of a jail gang in the Windsor area. He was granted a conditional pardon in 1816. John worked land around Kurrajong as a farmer and more than likely rented the land. He and Charlotte did not get married until after the birth of their 13th child.

John died in Guildford in 1858 and was buried at St Peters in Richmond. There is a headstone for him, Charlotte, their daughter Mary and their son George. Originally, he was called Berwick, but it appears to be known as Barwick by subsequent generations.

Charlotte and John had 14 children.

A. Elizabeth 1822 to 1900 (married Samuel Hurst in 1837 at Richmond)
B. Mary 1823 to 1849 (married Thomas Leonard in 1842 at Richmond)
C. Charlotte 1825 to 1856 (married Edmund Brown in 1846 at Richmond)
D. James 1827 to 1908 (married Mary Tarrant in 1851 at Richmond)
E. Eliza 1829 to 1908 (married Cornelius Hynes in 1846 at Richmond) & (married William Williams in 1883 at Carcoar)
F. Harriett 1831 to 1898 (married William Giddins in 1849 at Richmond)
G. John 1833 to 1861 (married Sarah Douglas in 1856 at Richmond)
H. Catherine 1835 to 1908 (married John Wilson in 1870 at Richmond)
I. William 1836 to ?? (married Mary Douglas in 1857 at Richmond) & (defacto Jemima Shepherd)
J. Emma 1840 to 1913 (married Francis Skinner in 1857 at Richmond)
K. Sophia 1841 to 1933 (married Denis Handley in 1869 at Richmond)
L. Henrietta 1843 to 1928 (married George Jaffray in 1868)
M. Robert 1845 to 1848 buried at St Peter's
N. George 1849 to 1864 died unmarried buried at St Peter's.

Edward WILSON 1816 to 1902 married to Susannah Riley

The second surviving son of Elizabeth and Job Wilson was Edward. Their first son Edward died as a baby. Born on December 15 1816 at Castlereagh NSW, Edward died on May 30 in 1902 at Kurrajong. Edward married twice, first to Anne Sherwood who died in 1839 (no issue) and secondly to Susannah Riley (daughter of John and Catherine Riley) on April 11 in 1847. Susannah died in 1905 and you can read her obituary here. Her daughter Diana placed a family notice about her in 1907, which you can access here. Edward is buried at St James Church in Kurrajong Heights. Edward was an active member of the community, and you can read a newspaper article about him using this link.

Edward and Susannah had 9 children.

1. John Ambrose 1847 to 1935 (married Maria Peck in 1869 at Kurrajong)
2. Phoebe Jane 1849 to 1926 (married Thomas Hennessy in 1867) & (married George Fairweather Patterson)
3. Diana 1851 to 1927 (married Samuel Hurst in 1872) & (married John Shepherd in 1899)
4. Adelaide Francis 1854 to 1933 (married John Merrick in 1875)
5.Agnes Matilda 1856 to 1933 (married Julian Underwood Alley in 1878)
6. Edward Roland 1858 to 1932 (married Johanna Riley in 1884)
7. Roland Edward 1861 to 1895 (married Ellen Riley in 1885)
8. James Job 1863 to 1920 (married to Agnes Quinn in 1891)
9. Susannah Maria 1867 to 1943 (married William Davis in 1888).

Simeon Wilson 1818 to 1902 married to Elizabeth Riley/Horan

Simeon Wilson was born to Elizabeth and Job Wilson in August 1818 at Toongabbie. He died on May 9 1902 at Kurrajong. In 1842, Simeon married Elizabeth Riley aka Horan (died 1886) at Pitt Town. You can read Simeon's obituary here.

Simeon and Elizabeth had 9 children.

1. Mary Ann 1843 to 1919 (married James Davis in 1871)
2. John 1845 to 1921 (married to Elizabeth Lane in 1869)
3. Elizabeth Jane 1848 to 1918 (married to George Wilson, defacto) & (John Leeming, no issue)
4. Sarah 1850 to 1834 (married to John Davis)
5. Phoebe 1852 to 1852 (died as an infant)
6. Simeon 1853 to 1930 (married Ann Maria Hatwell in 1876)
7.Susan Adelaide 1855 to 1936 (married to William Barwick)
8. William Henry 1857 to 1861 (died as a child)
9. Emma Elizabeth 1859 to 1946 (married Charles Madden)

Elizabeth Wilson 1819 to 1898 married to George Davis

The first daughter to Elizabeth and Job Wilson, was Elizabeth born on October 23, 1819, at Colo. She died on February 19, 1898, at Cargo. In December 1838 she married George Davis at Portland Head. She may have been the Elizabeth Wilson who married William Bligh Turnbull in February 1838. Incidentally, George's sister Sarah Davis went on to marry William Bligh Turnbull at the end of 1838. 

Elizabeth and George Davis had 11 children.

1. Cyrus 1839 to 1916 (married Phoebe Wilson in 1862)
2. James 1842 to 1928 (married to Mary Ann Wilson in 1871)
3. Elizabeth 1844 to 1898 (married to Alfred Whiley in 1866) & (married to John Gray)
4. John 1846 to 1921 (married to Sarah Wilson in 1869)
5. George 1849 to 1926 (married to Janet Whiley in 1883)
6. Henry 1850 to 1927 (married to Ellen Agland in 1875)
7. Hannah 1852 to 1925 (married to Thomas Smith in 1871) & (married to Daniel Swift in 1915)
8. Mary Jane 1855 to 1943 (married to John Thomas Ward in 1878)
9. Louisa 1857 to 1883 (married to William Henry Coppock in 1876)
10. Sarah 1859 to 1932 (married to William Henry Allsop in 1876) & (married to William George Agland in 1926)
11. Lawson Herbert 1862 to 1938 (married to Rachel Sharpe in 1892)

Job Wilson 1821 to 1873 married Mary Green & Sarah Douglas

Job Wilson, son of Elizabeth and Job Wilson was born on June 29 in 1821. He died at Mudgee in 1873. He had defacto relationships with Mary Green (nee Sherwood) and Sarah Douglas. Mary Green was born Mary Sherwood on January 18, 1813, and died in 1881. Sarah Douglas was born around 1829 in Richmond, but her date of death is unknown.

Job had 7 children with Mary Green and 3 with Sarah Douglas.

1.John 1844 to ?? (married Emmaline Wakeline in 1867 at Hargraves)
2. Phoebe 1846 to 1903 (married to George Davis in 1862 at Richmond)
3. Sarah 1848 to 1915 (married to William Hennessey in 1863)
4. James 1851 to ??
5. Hannah 1853 to 1923 (married Thomas Cross in 1874 at Kurrajong)
6. Annie 1856 to ??? (married William Alexander in 1880)
7.Joseph 1859 to ???
8. Jane 1862 to 1953 (married James Sibley in 1883 at Mudgee)
9. Sarah 1864 to 1941 (married William Raynor in 1881 at Triangle Swamp)
10. Job (known as Albert Edward) 1866 to 1925 (married Mary Ann Sheppard in 1896)

Susannah Wilson 1825 to 1825

Susannah Wilson, daughter of Elizabeth and Job Wilson was born on June 22, 1825, and died on December 22, 1825.

Timothy Wilson 1826 to 1897 married to Elizabeth Riley

Timothy Wilson, son of Elizabeth and Job Wilson was born on October 9 in 1826 at Kurrajong. In 1848 he married Elizabeth Riley at Richmond. He died at Spring Hill near Orange on August 29, 1897.

Timothy and Elizabeth had 8 children.

1. Elizabeth Ann 1849 to 1939 (married Joseph Sherwood in 1871 at Richmond)
2. Simeon 1852 to ?? (married Maria Mostyn in 1874) & (Rose Head in 1900. No issue)
3. Timothy 1853 to 1922 (married Eliza Dolbel in 1883) & (Mary Mahoney in 1898)
4. Martha Jane 1855 to 1871 (single)
5. Job 1858 to 1902 (married to Sarah Wilson in 1877 at Kurrajong)
6.Cyrus 1860 to 1918 (married to Elsie Jane Wilson in 1905 at Kurrajong)
7. William 1863 to 1891 (single)
8. John 1865 to 1918 (married to Florence Maud Child in 1898 at Leichardt)

Phoebe Wilson 1829 to 1843

Phoebe Wilson was the third daughter of Elizabeth and Job Wilson. She was born on May 30, 1829, in Kurrajong and died there on April 2, 1843. She was never married.

John Wilson 1831 to 1916 married to Catherine Barwick

John Wilson was born to Elizabeth and Job Wilson on August 19, 1831, in Kurrajong. He married his cousin Catherine Barwick (daughter of Charlotte Rogers & John Barwick) on November 30, 1870, in Richmond. John died at Kurrajong on April 13, 1916. Catherine was born on May 1, 1835, at North Richmond and died on March 6, 1908.

John and Catherine had 12 children.

1. John 1854 to 1899 (married Margaret Jane Hawkins in 1878. Margaret died in 1882) & (married to Ellen Matilda Hawkins in 1885). Margaret & Ellen were sisters, and also John's cousins as their parents were Susan Wilson and Joseph Hawkins.
2. Mary Jane 1856 to 1888 (single)
3. Louisa Ann 1858 to ? (married to Levi Greenyer. No issue)
4. Ellen 1861 to 1862 (died as a baby)
5. William 1862 to 1934 (single)
6. Alice Matilda 1865 to 1943 (married Richard John Madden in 1886 at Kurrajong)
7.Lawson 1866 to ?? (married Margaret Mitchell in 1892)
8. Charles 1868 to ??? (married to Celester Tinker nee Moulds in 1916 at Windsor)
9.George Henry 1871 to 1959 (married to Ellen Matilda Hawkins after the death of his brother John - see above.)
10. George Frederick 1872 died ??
11. George Arthur 1875 to 1958 (single)
12. Florence Ada 1877 to 1959 (married Thomas Nay in 1900 at Richmond)

Susan Wilson 1833 to 1888 married to Joseph Hawkins

Susan Wilson, was born to Elizabeth and Job Wilson on May 5, 1833 at Kurrajong. She married her next door neighbour, Joseph Hawkins on March 25, 1857 at Richmond. 

Joseph's parents were David Hawkins and Jane Cowling, who owned the adjacent farm Timberinga. Joseph was born in Kurrajong on December 25, 1829 and died on March 19, 1902 also at Kurrajong. Susan and Joseph lived on part of Timberinga. Joe was a timbercutter as were most of the Wilson and Hawkins family members. Susan died of cirrhosis of the liver at age 54 in 1888. She is buried near her Wilson family members. Joseph doesn't have a headstone so I assume he is buried next to Susan. He does appear in the St Stephen's registers as being buried in the cemetery.

Susan and Joseph had 8 children.

1. Harriett 1852 to 1858 (died as a child) Harriet is listed as Wilson on her grave and death certificate. She fell into a fire and died from her burns. Harriett is buried in Richmond with her brother Thomas.

2. Margaret Jane 1857 to 1882 (married to her cousin John Wilson, on October 10, 1878 in Richmond).

3. Thomas Henry 1860 to 1861 (died as a child)

4. David James 1862 to 1930 (single) (see newspaper obit here)

5. Ellen Matilda 1865 to 1925 (married to John Wilson - see above) & (married to George Wilson, John's brother )

6. Elizabeth Isabella 1867 to ??

7. Joseph John 1869 to 1949 (married to Ada Inwood in 1890 at Bathurst) & (married to Ellen Elks in 1919)

8. Job Willis 1872 to 1940 (married to Hanorah Duggan in 1895 in Grose Vale) & (married to Idahlia Dulcie Peck in 1935)

For more information about this family please visit our other site, The Hawkins Family of Kurrajong.

Thomas Wilson 1835 to 1901 married to Hannah Douglass

Thomas Wilson was born to Elizabeth and Job Wilson at Kurrajong on July 10, 1835. He married Hannah Douglass on December 17,1857 at Richmond. Thomas died in January 1901 and is buried at St Stephens Church Kurrajong. His daughters placed a memorial for him in the 1901 Windsor and Richmond Gazette (here). Probate for his estate is advertised here.

Hannah died in Kurrajong on December 8, 1928 (her newspaper obituary can be read here.

Thomas and Hannah had five children.

1. Sarah Matilda 1859 to 1940 (married to her cousin Job Wilson in 1877 at Kurrajong)

2. Thomas John 1860 to 1862 (died as a child)

3. Elizabeth Ann 1863 to ?? (married Frederick Charles Stratford in 1885 at Richmond)

4. Edward Thomas 1865 to 1932 (married to Emily Jane Hurst) They had seven children. You can read an article about Edward here.

5. Job Wisbey 1867 to 1935 (married to Alice Jane Hennessey in 1896). They had six children. You can read Job's obituary here.

Thomas Wilson, Hannah Wilson (nee Douglass) St Stephens Church, Kurrajong

Jane Wilson 1838 to 1892 married to Daniel Neal

Jane Wilson was born to Elizabeth and Job Wilson at Kurrajong in 1838. She married Daniel Neal on June 18, 1856 at Richmond. Jane died in Ourimbah on the Central Coast on October 20, 1892.  I am not sure when Jane, Daniel and their family moved to the Central Coast. The earliest mention I have found is from their daughter's marriage date of 1884.

Daniel died in 1896 following a fight in Ourimbah. Newspaper articles about this event can be read here and here. It appears that the person who hit Daniel, was James Moran, who was the father of Daniel's daughter in law Elizabeth Moran. More details about the inquest can be read here. Further newspaper articles about the court case can be found here.

Jane and Daniel had 7 children. Unfortunately, only two children lived to adulthood.

1. Ellen 1857 to 1859 (died as a child) buried at Richmond

2. Edward 1860 to 1860 (died as a child) buried at Richmond

3. Daniel 1861 to 1865 (died as a child) buried at Richmond

4. Edward 1861 to 1865 (died as a child) Please note. These dates indicate that Daniel & Edward were twins and that they died of disease such as typhoid etc.

5. Dora/Adora 1867 to 1897 (married Alfred Duncan in 1884. Brisbane Water parish)

6. Henry 1870 to 1957 (married Elizabeth Moran in 1894)

7. Lavinia 1873 to 1873 (died as a child)

Jessie Wilson 1840 to 1905 married to Henry Silk & Charles Reynolds

Jessie Wilson was born to Elizabeth and Job Wilson in Kurrajong on November 11, 1840. She married Henry Silk on January 1, 1858 at Richmond. Henry Silk was born on May 19, 1835 in Richmond and died on March 22, 1912 in Windsor. Jessie later partnered with Charles Reynolds, who died on December 26, 1888 in Orange.

Jessie and Henry Silk had 6 children. Jessie and Charles Reynolds had 6 children.

1. Anne Jane 1859 to 1904 (married John Richardson in 1890)
2. Thomas 1861 to 1863 (died as a child)
3. Sarah Matilda 1863 to 1910 (married Lawson Pearce in 1897)
4.George Albert 1864 to 1852 (married to Amy Clough in 1889 at Richmond)
5. William Henry 1866 to 1927
6. Maude Mary 1867 to 1898 (married to James Denham in 1897 at Cobar. No issue)

Silk /Reynolds children (not sure if Henry Silk is their father or not)
7. Margaret Jane 1868 to 1918 (married Arthur Lewis) & (married John Leslie in 1908 at Bathurst)
8. John Silk 1871 to 1925 (married Florence Dunsmore in 1904)

Reynolds children
9.Jessie 1875 to 1876 (died as a child in Bathurst)
10. Ralph  1877 to ?? (married Julia Lewis in 1895 in Bathurst)
11. Aubrey 1879 to ?? (married to Sarah Rylands in 1901)
12. Charles 1880 to ?? (married Emily Bayliss in 1901)

Matilda Wilson 1844 to 1883 married to Thomas Silk

Matilda Wilson was the youngest child of Elizabeth and Job Wilson. She was born in Kurrajong in 1844 and died in Gladesville on January 1, 1883. Matilda married Thomas Silk on March 13, 1862 in Richmond. Thomas was born in Richmond on June 18, 1837 and died on March 22, 1903. He was buried at Rookwood cemetery.

Matilda and Thomas had 9 children.

1.William Henry 1862 to ?? (married to Elizabeth Ward in 1897. No issue)
2. Thomas John 1863 to 1937 (single)
3. James 1864 to 1864 (died as a child)
4. James 1865 to 1890 (single)
5. Richard John 1867 to 1929 (married Mary Ann Woods in Narromine on June 25, 1899) & (defacto Esther Stephens)
6. Sarah 1869 to ??
7. Mary Anne 1871 died ??
8. Robert John 1873 to 1945 (married to Lillian Maria Wilson in 1897)
9. Edward John 1875 to 1916 (married to Emma Woods, in Narromine 1902)

Mary TURNER 1820 to 1901 married to James Overton

Mary Turner was the first child of Mary and George Turner. Mary was born on January 24, 1820, in North Richmond. She married James Overton on February 2, 1836, at Richmond. James Overton was born in 1798 in Herefordshire and died in 1873 in North Richmond. James was transported to Australia on the Recovery in 1818. He was employed as a labourer by William Fuller at North Richmond, according to the 1828 census.

Mary and James had eight children.

1. John 1838 to 1924 married Jane Mitchell in Richmond on August 4, 1859)
2. James 1842 to 1878 married Elizabeth Mitchell (nee Lord)
3. Elizabeth 1844 to 1975 married Richard Packer on October 28, 1863, at Richmond)
4. Susannah 1847 to 1899 married John Shepherd on February 10, 1870, at North Richmond)
5. Mary Ann 1850 to 1885 married Edward Mitchell in 1871)
6. Ann 1854 to 1877 married to Robert London in 1871)
7. Margaret 1858 to 1881 (single)
8. Thomas 1861 to 1952 married to Jane McCabe on September 29, 1880, at Richmond).

William Turner 1822 to 1852?

William Turner was the first son of Mary and George Turner. He was born on January 22 1822 at North Richmond and it was said he died in 1852? To be confirmed.

Thomas Turner 1824 to 1878 married to Elizabeth Bayliss & Mary Ann Cooper

Thomas Turner was born to Mary and George Turner at North Richmond on December 23, 1824. He married Elizabeth Bayliss on December 29, 1845 at Richmond. His second wife was Mary Ann Cooper (cousin of Elizabeth). Thomas and Mary Ann were married at Rylstone on September 15, 1862.

Thomas and Elizabeth had eight children.

1. Matilda 1846 to 1927 (married to Thomas Hatton in 1876 at Rylstone) & (married to Charles Salmon in 1878 at Rylstone).
2. Henry 1847 to 1934 (married to Hannah Baker in 1878)
3. Daughter died in infancy name, date of birth and death unknown.
4. Jane 1852 to ???
5. Betsy 1854 to 1917 (married to Angus McDonald on August 19, 1878 at Rylstone)
6. Thomas 1857 to 1922 (married to Gertrude Bayliss on August 27, 1878 at Birriwa)
7. Susan Ann 1859 to 1928 (married to John Cooper, 1878 at Rylstone)
8. Maria 1861 to 1861 died at Rylstone as an infant.

Thomas and Mary Ann had eight children

1. George 1863 to 1950 (married to Elizabeth Ann Mason in 1888 at Rylstone)
2. William 1865 to 1933 (married to Mary Louisa Dean in 1885 at Rylstone)
3. Rebecca 1867 to 1949 (married to John Reynolds Warman in 1886 at Dubbo)
4. John 1869 to 1958 (married to Vera Anthes in 1910 at Rylstone)
5. Daughter unnamed died 1872 to 1872
6. Herbert Charles 1873 to 1949 (married to Ethel Douglas nee Watts)
7. Ada May 1875 to 1962 (married to Patrick Halpin in 1897 at Rylstone)
8. Walter Cooper 1878 to 1958 (married to Sarah Jones in 1902) & (married to Amelia Bratwright in 1942)

Ann Turner 1827 to 1840s married to Squire Brooks

Ann Turner was born to Mary and George Turner on April 7, 1827 at North Richmond. She died sometime in the 1840s however, in what place is unknown. Ann married Squire Brooks on July 10 1844 at Richmond. Squire Brooks was born in 1794 in Lancashire, England. He was transported to Sydney on the Morely II. In the 1828 census, he was listed as a labourer at North Richmond. He was granted a ticket of leave around the same time. He died at Richmond on January 23.

Ann and Squire had two children.

1. Mary Ann 1843 to 1848 (died as a child)
2. William 1846 to 1910 (married Rosetta Mitchell in 1882).

George Turner 1830 to 1906 married to Sarah Mitchell

George Turner was born to Mary and George Turner at North Richmond on June 11, 1830. He married Sarah Mitchell on March 15, 1854, at Kurrajong. He died at Richmond on September 21, 1886.

George and Sarah had 11 children.

1. Margaret 1855 to 1919 (married to James Alderton 1877)
2. Elizabeth 1857 to 1858 died as a child
3. William 1859 to 1921 (married to Annie F Darins in 1889)
4. Mary Jane 1861 to 1923 (married to Henry London in 1887)
5. Rosetta 1864 to ?? (married to Albert London in 1881)
6. Matilda 1867 to 1869 died as a child
7. Sarah Mary 1869 to ?? (married to Peter McMahon in 1893)
8. Georgina 1871 to ?? (married to James Donohue in 1905)
9. George Thomas 1872 to 1950 (married to Harriett Ellen Bottle on February 12, 1897 at Richmond)
10. Thomas Henry 1875 to 1914 (married to Theresa ?)
11. Alice 1877 to ??

Elizabeth Turner 1834 to 1878 married to Michael Tierney

Elizabeth Turner was born to Mary and George Turner on December 1, 1834 at North Richmond. She married Michael Tierney on December 12, 1851 at Richmond. Michael was the son of Owen and Mary Tierney. Elizabeth died at Kurrajong on May 21, 1878 and Michael died at Windsor on July 27, 1883.

Elizabeth and Michael had nine children.

1. George 1853 to 1878 single
2. Thomas 1855 to 1941 single
3. John 1857 to 1927 (married to Elizabeth Overton in 1882)
4. Henry 1860 to 1878 died at Carcoar single.
5. Michael 1864 to 1905 single
6. Ernest 1868 to 1916 (married to Hannah Perry, nee Packer in 1895 at North Richmond).
7. Albert 1871 to 1888 single
8. Amos 1873 to ??
9. Angeline 1875 to 1939 (married to Joseph London in 1896 at Richmond).

Elizabeth BARWICK 1822 to 1900 married to Samuel Hurst

Elizabeth Barwick was born to Charlotte and John Barwick on December 8, 1822 and died on May 7, 1900 at Kurrajong. She married Samuel Hurst on May 11, 1837.

Elizabeth and Samuel had twelve children.

1. John 1838 to 1920 (married to Susan Sunderland on November 11, 1862 at Richmond)
2. Mary 1839 to 1926 (married to Henry Peck in 1862 at Richmond)
3. Samuel 1841 to 1896 (married to Diana Wilson, descendant of Elizabeth and Job Wilson, in 1872 at North Richmond)
4. Charlotte 1843 to 1922 (married to Thomas Dean in 1865)
5. Ann 1845 to 1932 ? (married to James Mason in 1864) & (married to Henry Anderson in 1896)
6. Elizabeth 1847 to 1940 (married to John Dean in 1868)
7. Louisa 1849 to 1932 (married to James Douglass in 1871 at North Richmond)
8. Jane 1851 to 1890 single
9. Rachel Frances 1855 to 1947 (married to James Bonus in 1877 at Kurrajong)
10. Rebecca Sophia 1857 to 1935 (married to Edward Hobbs in 1878 at Kurrajong)
11. Joseph 1861 to 1944 (married to Alice Overton in 1884, descendant of Mary and George Turner)
12. Daughter born and died in infancy.

Mary Barwick 1823 to 1849 married to Thomas Leonard

Mary Barwick was the daughter of Charlotte and John Barwick. She was born on November 15, 1823 at Kurrajong and died on June 4, 1849 also at Kurrajong. Mary married Thomas Leonard in 1842 at Richmond.

Mary and Thomas had five children.

1.Caroline 1843 to 1921 (married to Thomas Cluff in 1864 at Orange)
2. Thomas 1844 to 1844 died as an infant
3. William 1845 to 1918 (married to Alice Meers in 1874 at Mudgee)
4. Thomas 1847 to 1884 (married to Emma Bevan in 1872 at Orange)
5. Mary 1849 to 1934 (married to William Madden in 1874 at Windsor)

Charlotte Barwick 1825 to 1856 married to Edmund Brown

Charlotte Barwick was born to Charlotte and John Barwick in Kurrajong on November 11, 1825. She died at Richmond on April 16, 1856. Charlotte married Edmund Brown in 1846 at Richmond.

Charlotte and Edmund had four children.

1. Harriett 1848 to 1936 (married to Alexander Bennett in 1863 at Mudgee) & (married to Thomas Cleaver in 1868)
2. Amelia 1849 to 1903 (married to William Bennett in 1866)
3. Edmund 1851 to ?? (married to Susan Makepeace in 1877 at Mudgee)
4. Elijah 1854 to 1918 (married to Harriett McMichael in 1890 at Gunnedah)

James Barwick 1827 to 1908 married to Mary Tarrant

James Barwick was the first son for Charlotte and John Barwick. He was born in Kurrajong on December 21, 1827. He died in Sydney on August 6, 1908. James married Mary Tarrant in 1851 at Richmond.

James and Mary had twelve children.

1. John 1851 to 1938 (married to Margaret Munro in 1876 at Mudgee)
2. Mary 1853 to ?? (married to John Murray in 1883 at Dubbo)
3. William 1855 to 1914 (married to Cecilia Kennedy in 1881 at Mudgee)
4. Thomas 1857 to ?? (married to Hannah Munro in 1880 at Mudgee)
5. Eliza 1859 to ?? (married to George Murton in 1881)
6. James George 1862 to ??
7. Robert 1866 to 1866 died as an infant
8. Alfred 1868 to 1919 (married to Margaret Wise in 1890 at Urana)
9. Arthur 1870 to ?? (married to Ada Barnes in 1895)
10. George 1873 to ?? (married to Edith Ewers in 1891 at Dubbo)
11. Percival 1875 to 1876 died as an infant
12. Daughter 1876 to 1876 died as an infant

Eliza Barwick 1830 to 1908 married to Cornelius Hynes & William Williams

Eliza Barwick was born in Kurrajong on May 9, 1830 to Charlotte and John Barwick. She died at Lyndhurst on March 1, 1908. Eliza married twice. First to Cornelius Hynes in May 1846 at Richmond. She then married William Williams in 1883 at Carcoar.

Eliza and Cornelius had 13 children.

1. Mary 1847 to 1932 (married to Arthur Hibbard in 1870) & (married to Samuel Oborn)
2. Thomas 1849 to 1904 (married to Elizabeth Hibbard in 1875 at Neville)
3. Charlotte 1850 to ?? died as an infant
4. John 1853 to 1925 single
5. William 1855 to ?? (married to Frances Tindall in 1879)
6. Sophia 1857 to ?? (married to Herbert Carroll in 1918)
7. Daughter 1857 to 1857 died as an infant
8. Robert 1859 to 1859 died as an infant
9. Peter 1860 to 1942 (married to Louise Collins in 1890 at Carcoar)
10. David 1863 to 1959 (married to Martha Cant in 1894 at Blayney)
11. Joseph 1865 to ?? (married to Mary Ann Wilkinson in 1886)
12. Daniel 1868 to 1939 (married to Elizabeth Can in 1895 at Carcoar)
13. Eliza 1871 to ?? (married to Al Cox in Canowindra)

Harriett Barwick 1831 to 1898 married to William Giddins

Harriett Barwick was born to Charlotte and John Barwick in Kurrajong on August 16, 1831. She died at Kurrajong on September 12, 1861. Harriett married William Giddins at Richmond on March 26, 1849.

Harriett and William had 16 children.

1. Henrietta 1848 to 1938 (married to John Henry Turner at Windsor on July 5 1869) no relation.
2. Henry 1850 to 1929 (married to Mary Douglas
3. John 1851 to 1929 single
4. Dinah 1853 to ??
5. Mary 1854 to 1870
6. William 1857 to 1935 (married Elizabeth Agnes Griffith in 1875)
7. Sarah 1860 to ??
8. James 1860 to ??
9. George 1861 to ??
10. Elizabeth 1863 to 1935 (married to James Horan in 1883)
11. Isaac 1865 to 1947 (married to Mary Jane Vallas in 1886)
12. Thomas 1867 to 1867 died as an infant
13. Peter 1868 to 1868 died as an infant
14 Joseph 1869 to ?? (married to Johanna Ryan on June 25, 1903)
15. Charlotte 1871 to 1953 (married to William Dunston in 1889 at Richmond)
16. Julia Edith 1875 to ?? (married to Frederick Mitchell in 1895 at Richmond)

John Barwick Jnr 1833 to 1861 married to Sarah Douglas

John Barwick Jnr was born to Charlotte and John Barwick at Kurrajong on June 14, 1833. He died near Warialda on September 12, 1861. John married Sarah Douglas on January 16, 1856.

John and Sarah had 1 child.

1. Kate Eliza 1857 to 1933 (married to John Wellesley Eather in 1881). Kate and John had ten children.

Catherine Barwick 1835 to 1908 married to John Wilson

Catherine Barwick was the daughter of Charlotte Rogers & John Barwick. She was born on May 1,1835 at North Richmond. Catherine died on March 6, 1908 - read her newspaper obituary here. She married her cousin John Wilson (son of Elizabeth and Job Wilson) on November 30,1870 in Richmond. John died in 1916.

Catherine and John are buried at St Stephens Church of England in Kurrajong. 

Catherine and John had 12 children.

1. John 1854 to 1899 (married Margaret Jane Hawkins in 1878. Margaret died in 1882) & (married to Ellen Matilda Hawkins in 1885). Margaret & Ellen were sisters, and also John's cousins as their parents were Susan Wilson and Joseph Hawkins.

2. Mary Jane 1856 to 1888 (single) Mary is buried near her parents (see her headstone below).

3. Louisa Ann 1858 to ? (married to Levi Greenyer. No issue)

4. Ellen 1861 to 1862 (died as a baby)

5. William 1862 to 1934 (single) Newspaper Obituary for William here.

6. Alice Matilda 1865 to 1943 (married Richard John Madden in 1886 at Kurrajong)

7.Lawson 1866 to ?? (married Margaret Mitchell in 1892)

8. Charles 1868 to ??? (married to Celester Tinker nee Moulds in 1916 at Windsor)

9.George Henry 1871 to 1959 (married to Ellen Matilda Hawkins after the death of his brother John - see above.)

10. George Frederick 1872 died ??

11. George Arthur 1875 to 1958 (single)

12. Florence Ada 1877 to 1959 (married Thomas Nay in 1900 at Richmond)

Catherine Wilson (nee Barwick) and her husband John Wilson. St Stephens Church Kurrajong

Mary Jane Wilson. Daughter of Catherine and John Wilson. St Stephens Church Kurrajong

William Barwick 1836 to ?? married to Mary Douglas & Jemima Shepherd

William Barwick was born to Charlotte and John Barwick at Kurrajong on September 17, 1836. It is unknown when or where he died. William was married twice. First to Mary Douglas in 1857 at Richmond and secondly to Jemima Shepherd - date unknown. Please note William is listed as Berwick on the marriage certificate.

William and Mary had six children.

1. William 1858 to1934 (married to Susan Adelaide Wilson in 1878 at North Richmond. Susan was the daughter of Simeon Wilson and Elizabeth Horan). Please read the Susan's newspaper obituary here.
2. Eliza 1859 to ???
3. James 1860 to ??
4. John 1862 to ?? (married to Ada M Campbell in 1891 at Dubbo)
5. George 1865 to 1946 (married to Edith Ewers on November 14, 1891 at Dubbo). Please read George's newspaper obituary here.
6. Esther 1867 to ?? (married to Evan Jones in 1887 at Dubbo)

William and Jemima Shepherd eight children.
7. Name Unknown
8. Arthur Barwick Shepherd 1876 to ??? (married to Alice Ramsey in 1899 at Warren)
9. Ernest Shepherd 1879 to 1916 (married to Hilda Gillett in 1902 at Narrabri)
10.Percy Shepherd 1881 to ??? (married to Lena Wortley in 1901 at Narrabri)
11.Annie Shepherd 1887 to 1944 (married to Edward Balfe in 1904 at Narrabri) & (married to Harold England).
12. Herbert Shepherd 1889 to ?? (married to Nina Trindall in 1910 at Narrabri)
13. Clara Barwick 1891 to ??? (married to Edward Carrall in 1917 at Narrabri)
14. Ethel 189? to ?? (married to Henry Stableford)

Emma Barwick 1840 to 1913 married to Francis Skinner

Emma Barwick was to born to Charlotte and John Barwick at Kurrajong on November 1, 1840. She died at Mudgee on November 6, 1913. Emma married Francis Skinner in October 1857 at Richmond.

Emma and Francis had twelve children.

1. Francis 1858 to 1936 (married to Alice Cooper)
2. William Lawson 1860 to 1938 (married to Elizabeth Twyman in 1884)
3. Emily Charlotte 1863 to ?? (married to Thomas Miller)
4. John Samuel 1864 to 1946 (married to Ada Cooper in 1889 at Rylstone)
5. George 1865 to 1942 (married to Fanny Benson Cooper in 1891)
6. Henrietta 1867 to ?? (married to Samuel Miller in 1885 at Mudgee) & (Leo Bishop)
7. Esther 1869 to 1879 died as an infant
8. Robert James 1870 to 1890 single
9. Eliza Jane 1871 to ?? (married to Ernest Jack Donohue in 1896 at Narrabri)
10. Richard 1874 to 1934 (married to Barbara Robertson in 1898 at Mudgee)
11. Herbert Dennis 1876 to 1956 (married to Harriett Selina Moon nee Cleaver. Descendant of Charlotte Barwick & Edmund Brown.
12. Charles 1879 to 1935 (married to Jessie Green)

Sophia Barwick 1841 to 1933 married to Dennis Hanley

Sophia Barwick was born to Charlotte and John Barwick at Kurrajong on June 26, 1841. She died at Kensington on May 14, 1933. Sophia married Dennis Hanley in 1869.

Sophia and Dennis had nine children. All known as HANDLEY.

1. Charlotte 1870 to ?? (married to John Charles Sheens at Richmond in 1891)
2. William 1872 to 1963 (married to Mary Nelmes in 1892 at Richmond)
3. Emily 1873 to ?? (married to Henry Bell in 1892 at Richmond)
4. Dennis Piper 1876 to 1876 died as an infant
5. Albert Charles 1877 to 1877 died as an infant
6. Florence 1878 to ?? (married to William Griffiths in 1902 at Windsor) & (married James Bell)
7. Edward Roland 1881 to 1945 (married to Margaret Lyons in 1938 at Redfern)
8. Cecil George 1883 to ?? (married to Mary Jones)
9. Peter Joseph 1885 to ??

Henrietta Barwick 1843 to 1928 married to George Jaffray

Henrietta Barwick was born in Kurrajong to Charlotte and John Barwick on December 19, 1843. She died at Kurrajong on September 29, 1928. Henrietta married George Jaffray in 1868.

Henrietta and George had nine children.

1. Charlotte 1869 to 1906 (married to Alfred A Smith in 1889)
2. William 1870 to 1880 died as a child
3. Amelia 1872 to 1942 (married Frederick Cutler in 1894)
4. Henrietta, 1873 to 1880 died as a child from diphtheria
5. Georgina 1875 to 1880 died as a child from diphtheria
6. Christina 1877 to 1961 (married to Edward Cullen in 1898 at Kurrajong)
7. Emily 1878 to 1880 died as a child from diphtheria
8. Lydia 1881 to 1925 (married to Ernest Taylor in 1902)
9. Victoria 1883 to 1955 (married Henry Nelson Garland in 1907 at Kurrajong)