Mary Hurst 1839 to 1916 married Henry Peck

Mary Hurst was the second child of Elizabeth Barwick and Samuel Hurst. She was born in Kurrajong in 1839 and died there in 1926. In 1862 Mary married Henry Peck. 

They had thirteen children.

1. Mary Ann 1863 - 1956. Married Edward Smith. They had seven children.

2. Henry Edward Peck 1864 -1955. Married Julia Leidich. They had five children.

3. Arthur 1866 - 1951. Married Harriet May Wilson and Sarah Duggan. He had one child with Harriet and three with Sarah.

4. George William 1867 - 1945. Married Winifred Ballard and Mary Overton. He had four children with Winifred (died 1901) and one with Mary. 

5. Robert John 1869 -1951. Married Emily Edith Blundell. They had five children. Emily died not long after giving birth to her youngest child, Emily Edith Matilda in 1908. The family lived on Comleroy Road Kurrajong and their slab hut still stands. 

6. Richard Ernest 1871 -1938. Married Alice Elizabeth Poole (died 1901) and Elizabeth Myers. With Alice Richard had two children. With Elizabeth he had a further two children.

7. Emily Jane 1872 - 1960. Married Alfred Lord. They eight children. They owned the property called Loxley at Kurrajong North.

8. Amy Matilda 1874 -1960. Married George Howson and Henry Brown. 

9. Alice May 1875 -1964. Married George Stewart and Joshua Butt. With George Alice had four children. 

10. Clara Mabel 1877 -1955. Married Albert Poole. They had six children.

11. Hannah Elizabeth 1879 - 1936. Married George Blundell. They had two children.

12. Evelyn Annie 1881 -1966. Married Alfred Slingsby. They had one son.

13. Leslie Charles 1884 - 1962. Married Constance Mortley. They had two children.