John Wilson 1845 to 1921 married Elizabeth Lane

John Wilson was born at Kurrajong, NSW in 1845. He was the first son and second child of Simeon Wilson and Elizabeth Horan. John died in 1921 in Manildra, NSW. You can read this lovely obituary about John here.

John married Elizabeth Lane (daughter of Hannah (Anne) Hawkins and John Lane) in 1869 in Kurrajong. Elizabeth was the grand daughter of convict David Hawkins who owned the 50 acre property ''Timberinga'' next door to the Wilson family. Elizabeth died in 1925 in Manildra. Both John and Elizabeth are buried in Cudal. You can read Elizabeth's contribution to her community here in her obituary by clicking on this link.

John and Elizabeth had twelve children.

1. Elizabeth (Betsy)1871 - 1946 married Edward Bennett. They had eight children.

2. John 1873 - 1942 married Emily Beaver. They had fourteen children. You can read John's obituary here.

3. Edward 1874 - 1948 married Josie Petrie. They had at least one child.

4. Jane 1877 - 1879

5. Thomas Henry 1879 - 1960. Did not marry

6. Emily Ann 1880 - 1954 married John Thomas Bennett. They had eight children.

7. Anna Amelia (Hannah) 1882 - 1892

8. Rachel May 1885 - 1954 married Alfred Howarth. They had ten children.

9. Elsie Louisa 1887 - 1930 married Walter Barwick. Walter was a son of William Barwick and Susan Wilson and therefore a distant relative.

10. Isaac Bruce 1890 - 1952 married Lyla Barwick. Lyla was the daughter of William Barwick and Susan Wilson and therefore a distant relative.

11. Eliza Pearl 1892 - 1957 married Jack Hanrahan. They had eight children.

12. Eva Ellen 1897 - 1928 married William Archibald Coomber. They had two children.