John Ambrose WILSON 1847 to 1935 married to Maria Peck

John Ambrose Wilson was the first son of Edward Wilson and Susannah Riley. He was born in Kurrajong, NSW in 1847 and died at Riverstone, NSW in 1935.

John married Maria Peck at Kurrajong in 1869. They had 9 children.

You can read John's newspaper obituary here. You can also read information about Maria, in this article. They are buried in the Riverstone cemetery. 

1. Arthur 1870 -? Believed to have moved to Bunbury W.A

2. Ambrose John 1872 -? Moved to Bunbury W.A. Married Florence Amy Shepherd in 1903. Had three boys.

3. Emma Jane 1874 -? married James Maxwell and then Arthur Marriott. Had 3 children.

4. Ethel 1877 - 1946 married James Douglas in May 1899. James was the son of James Douglas and Louisa Hurst. Ethel and James had 10 children.

5. Grace 1880-1881 Twin

6. Jane 1880-1880 Twin

7. Stephen 1882 - 1945 married Ina Selina Howard in 1911. They had two boys.

8. Lydia Mabel 1884 -? married Arthur Banting in Bunbury W.A

9. Alice Gertrude 1887 - 1949 married Robert Madden in 1907. Robert was the son of William Madden and Mary Leonard (see Mary Barwick for descendants)