James Davis 1842 to 1928 married to Mary Ann Wilson

James Davis was the second son of Elizabeth Wilson and George Davis. He was born at Colo, NSW in 1842 and died in Kurrajong, NSW 1928. You can read his obituary here.

He married Mary Ann Wilson in 1871. Mary Ann was the first child of Simeon Wilson and Elizabeth Horan. She was born at Kurrajong in 1843 and died there in 1919. 

James and Mary Ann had eleven children.

1. Amelia 1862 - 1863. Died as a baby.

2. William 1864 - 1934 married Susannah Maria Wilson.

3. Louisa 1867 - 1952 married Sydney Alfred Hearne. Louisa live in the house on the corner of Hermitage Road and Bells Line of Road. No children but did look after her brother's children. Louisa was incredibly well known in the Hawkesbury.

4. Henry 1869 - 1948 married Teresa Blundell. They had four children.

5. Clara 1871 - 1940 married James Davis. No issue. You can read Clara's obituary here.

6. James 1875 - 1947 married Sarah Riley. They had six children. You can read James' obituary here

7. Mary Ann 1876 - ?

8. Rachel 1877 - 1878. Died as a baby.

9. Mary May 1879 - 1944 married Walter Wilson.

10. Lawson 1882 - 1917 married Ethel Clarke. Died of wounds in the First World War. Had three children.

11. Florence Elizabeth 1885 - 1886. Died as a baby

There are a number of interesting articles which mention James. One about the first school house on the corner of Hermitage Road and Bells Line of Road - read here . A story about two of his daughters having Typhoid can be found here.