Diana Wilson 1851 to 1927 married to Samuel Hurst and John Shepherd

The second daughter of Edward Wilson and Susannah Riley was Diana. Diana Wilson was born at Kurrajong in 1851 and died also in Kurrajong in 1927. In 1872 Diana married Samuel Hurst. Then later John Shepherd in 1899.

Samuel was the son of Elizabeth Barwick and Samuel Hurst and was born in Kurrajong in 1841. He and Diana were second cousins. Sam died in October 1896. There is a lovely newspaper memorial from Diana for Sam.

There is a very good article about Diana you can read here. 

Diana and Samuel had ten children.

1. Esther 1873 -? married William Maughan and had six children.

2. Ellen 1875 - 1939 married John Coady and had at least two children.

3. May Edith 1877 - 1953 married Theodore James Giddins. Theodore was then son of Harriet Barwick and William Giddins.

4. Samuel Edward 1879 -1955. Never married.

5. James 1881- 1955 married Mildren Glidden. They had at least three children.

6. William Kenneth 1884 - 1969 married Celia Allister. They had three children.

7. Priscilla 1886 - 1954 married Herbert Stanford. They had five children.

8. Ruby Alice 1888 - 1950 married John Riley in 1911. They had seven children. Read Ruby's death notice here.

9. Horace Gordon 1891 - 1976 married Nellie Richards. They had two children.

10. Arthur Leslie 1892 - 1952 married Mabel Hastings. No record of children.