Catherine Barwick 1835 to 1908 married to John Wilson

Catherine Barwick was the daughter of Charlotte Rogers & John Barwick. She was born on May 1,1835 at North Richmond. Catherine died on March 6, 1908 - read her newspaper obituary here. She married her cousin John Wilson (son of Elizabeth and Job Wilson) on November 30,1870 in Richmond. John died in 1916.

Catherine and John are buried at St Stephens Church of England in Kurrajong. 

Catherine and John had 12 children.

1. John 1854 to 1899 (married Margaret Jane Hawkins in 1878. Margaret died in 1882) & (married to Ellen Matilda Hawkins in 1885). Margaret & Ellen were sisters, and also John's cousins as their parents were Susan Wilson and Joseph Hawkins.

2. Mary Jane 1856 to 1888 (single) Mary is buried near her parents (see her headstone below).

3. Louisa Ann 1858 to ? (married to Levi Greenyer. No issue)

4. Ellen 1861 to 1862 (died as a baby)

5. William 1862 to 1934 (single) Newspaper Obituary for William here.

6. Alice Matilda 1865 to 1943 (married Richard John Madden in 1886 at Kurrajong)

7.Lawson 1866 to ?? (married Margaret Mitchell in 1892)

8. Charles 1868 to ??? (married to Celester Tinker nee Moulds in 1916 at Windsor)

9.George Henry 1871 to 1959 (married to Ellen Matilda Hawkins after the death of his brother John - see above.)

10. George Frederick 1872 died ??

11. George Arthur 1875 to 1958 (single)

12. Florence Ada 1877 to 1959 (married Thomas Nay in 1900 at Richmond)

Catherine Wilson (nee Barwick) and her husband John Wilson. St Stephens Church Kurrajong

Mary Jane Wilson. Daughter of Catherine and John Wilson. St Stephens Church Kurrajong